Year 4

Year 4 Home Learning/Activities

Dear Parents,

I will continue to set work on Mathletics for the children to complete; all children have been given their login details again. On the back of this is their login details for Khan Academy (grade 4-5). This is a really useful website with many cross-curricular activities. I have also set up a pupil login for languageangels, which we use to support French. You will need to open the website not in chrome as the games are not supported by plugins. The Username for this is Greenwaypupils and the password is French1.

Useful websites


Year 4

Suggested activities

Reading/Reading comprehension

Writing task/write a daily diary

Maths task/Mathletics/Times tables rock stars

Daily reading

Art/creativity (of your choice)

Sport – keep active

Home learning

These tasks should not take up the whole day – do it in short bursts! Spread it out between breaks/lunch/activities

If you can get outside, even in the garden, remember to go out for some fresh air and where possible do some home learning outside, play games and keep active.

Please do not feel like children should be sitting and working the entire time!

Stay safe, see you all soon

Mr Loczy J

Home Learning Pack