Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning/Activities

Suggested activities

Reading/Reading comprehension

Writing task/write a daily diary

Maths task/Mathletics/Times tables rock stars

Daily reading

Art/creativity (of your choice)

Sport – keep active



Our Geography learning is rivers – continue learning/researching rivers from around the world and in the UK.  

Spend time learning and finding out about the water cycle too! You can create a PowerPoint/draw a diagram/write about it/make a leaflet.

Design Technology

Our DT would have been baking hot cross buns – if you are able to then have a go at baking your own at home! A great recipe is from cupcake Jemma – but you can use any recipe of your choice! If you like you can take photos of your baking!


Spend time finding out about Easter around the world. Create your own poster celebrating Easter from around the world – drawing pictures and writing about other countries traditions.

Home learning

These tasks should not take up the whole day – do it in short bursts! Spread it out between breaks/lunch/activities

Useful links


Books to read –


GoNoodle –

Joe Wicks kids PE –

Meditation for kids –

Board games

Mindful colouring

113 fun things to do –

Science experiment ideas –


If you can get outside, even in the garden, remember to go out for some fresh air and where possible do some home learning outside, play games and keep active.

Please do not feel like children should be sitting and working the entire time!


Stay safe, see you all soon

Mrs Crockett J

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