Year 2

Year 2 Pine Class update

Year 2 update!


We have just finished our topic about weather! We made our own weather vanes and tested them out on a VERY windy day. We are now going to start our next topic about local history! We are going to be looking at maps of Berkhamsted (old and new) and learning about why the Berkhamsted castle is so important to British history.


We are continuing to learn about materials in Science. We have recently investigated the most durable material for dungarees. We have also been learning about the life cycle of a plastic bottle and how important recycling is for our world.


We have finished our self-portrait topic and now going to be learning how to make a hand puppet in Design and Technology. We will be learning about the history of puppets then plan, make and review our hand puppets! We will be learning how to sew to join everything together! 


We will continue to use the program Scratch to make algorithms to program a sprite (character).


Last half term, we developed our catching and throwing skills to play a cricket based game. We learnt that communication is the key to winning!

We have also learnt three speed-stacking combinations and will continue to practise this skill. It takes a lot of dedication!