General Events

Easter Camp 2021

Easter Camp 2021 was a great success! The warm and unusually sunny weather was a bonus and children were able to spend lots of time outdoors engaging in fun activities. Some of the sporting activities on offer included cricket, parachute games, dodgeball, football, curling target game, bees around a honey-pot, football rounders to name a few. At the end of the first week, children also took part in a fun Easter word challenge where children had to follow clues and work together as a team. Well done to the winning teams!

Art and craft activities included decorated coasters, Easter bunnies made from socks, painting and planting up Spring bulb containers, soap felting, drawing self-portrait pictures, Easter baskets and painted salt dough decorations, colourful chicken pictures, origami flowers, pompoms and decorated rocks to name a few.

Huge thanks to our Student leaders for supporting us and for helping to make the Easter Camp a fun and engaging experience!