Nursery, Summer 1 2022

We thought you might like to see some photos of our learning from last half term.

We have learnt all about the Butterfly Life Cycle by observing the developing process from when our tiny, little caterpillars arrived until the exciting time when they left their cocoons/chrysalis/pupa and dried their wings as beautiful butterflies! We were so happy to release all five into the nursery garden to go and lay more eggs… There was one butterfly that needed a little bit of encouragement, but it happily flew off in the end.

We have particularly enjoyed reading ‘The Very hungry caterpillar’, ‘Errol’s Garden’ and ‘We’re Going On A bear Hunt’. We also created our own version of ‘We’re going On A Bear Hunt’ with musical instruments and actions.

We enjoyed having a parent, who is also a dentist, in to visit us. The children were very interested and demonstrated their understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods and the importance of cleaning their teeth and visiting the dentist. The children continue to enjoy brushing their teeth after lunch in 30 Hours.

We have also been learning to measure, both with non-standard measures, such as bricks and by using rulers. We took it in turns to try and build a tower that was the same height as one of our plants and with many attempts and perseverance; we were successful in the end. We decided it is easier and more accurate to use rulers rather than bricks.

We had a wonderful time learning about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and her 70 years on the throne and preparing for our whole school picnic to celebrate. We made crowns, complete with shaped jewels, which we cut out, decorated and glued on – and lots of bunting to decorate our class. We also enjoyed taking part in the GSA Jubilee sponsored run and creating Royal Crown Biscuits – yum!