General Events

Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp 2022 was a great success! The hot and sunny weather was a bonus and children were able to spend lots of time outdoors engaging in fun activities. Some of the sporting activities on offer included cricket, parachute games, dodgeball, football, curling target game, hide and seek ‘it’, football and rounders to name a few. At the end of the last week of camp, children also took part in a fun water fight followed by ice-lollies in the 34-degree heat!

Art and craft activities included making soft toy garden gnomes, air-dry clay nameplates, glove puppets, lanterns, glove alien monsters, grow buddies and decorated canvas bags. We also introduced baking crafts this year which went down very well with the children. We made peppermint creams, gingerbread biscuits and shortbread with coloured sweet ‘windows’.

Huge thanks to all of our student leaders for supporting us and for helping to make the Summer Camp such a fun and engaging experience!