Reception Spring 1 2023

We thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of our learning over the past half term. We have looked at the changes in the season and have especially enjoyed exploring the frost and ice!

The children asked many inquisitive questions to extend their thinking and problem solving skills. They enjoyed exploring different ways to make the ice melt and considered ways in which they could keep the ice frozen for as long as possible.

The children have also enjoyed learning about repeated patterns. They explored different visual equipment to support their thinking. They used natural resources in different ways, to create their own repeated patterns, both in straight lines and circles. We have been very impressed with their thinking skills, collaboration and the way in which they have challenged themselves!

We have also enjoyed learning about different celebrations, in particular Chinese (Luna) New Year. The children were very creative in their approach to understanding and acting out the story, as well as learning about the traditions.

We are continuing to learn about keeping both our bodies and our brains healthy. We particularly enjoyed practising how to brush our teeth, using the real life models!